Product Description :

Transbolt™ I

Transbolt™ I - pic1
The Transbolt™ I is a compact high-security bolt seal, certified ISO/PAS 17712 and suitable for C-TPAT shipping. The TBI has a solid steel pin and core, and steel locking mechanism. The pin and barrel are covered with a hard plastic coating which allows full customization and superior tamper evidence.
Printing on the TBI is done by laser, and protected by a hard plastic cover.

Containers - railcars - trucks - trailers

8 letters customer name, 8-digit serial numbering (in black colour only).
Customisation is high but the Transbolt™ I is only available in light colours
Dedicated colours are available for large quantities
Double numbering on pin head is an option

Technical characteristics (HIGH SECURITY to ISO 17712, C-TPAT compliant): Dimensional Drawing
Tensile strength over 1100kg
Carbon steel pin moulded with AS plastic (70mm long, 7mm diameter)
Triangle shape on pin shaft to highlight cutting and regluing
Protruding double fingers on cylinder entry to prevent pin rotation
Heat treated steel locking mechanism, ABS cylinder casing, AS transparent cover

Boxes of 38x26x16cm per 250 seals - 11.2Kg