Product Description :

Transbolt™ III

Transbolt™ III - pic1
The TransboltTM III is our heavy duty High Security all metal bolt, certified to ISO17712 and C-TPAT compliant. It's also available with a longer and/or bent pin for convenient use on railcars. The TBIII has a bare solid steel pin and barrel, with a steel locking mechanism. The steel barrel is engraved with serial numbers and customer names, etc. Marking on the TBIII is done only by mechanical engraving.

Containers - railcars - trucks and trailers.

8 letters customer name, 8-digit serial numbering.

Technical characteristics (HIGH SECURITY to ISO 17712, C-TPAT compliant): Drawing TB III   Drawing TB III L
Tensile strength over 1900kg
9mm diameter solid pin is available in various lengths (125mm or 150mm), in bent version
Hardened steel grade is an option
Heat treated steel locking mechanism

Boxes of 25x19x12 cm per 100 seals - 11.8Kg (125mm)
Boxes of 25x19x12 cm per 100 seals - 13.2Kg (150mm)