Product Description :


Navalock - pic1
The Navalock MKII-B provides the highest degree of anti-theft security combined with a tamper evident sealing device. It is designed to secure container and truck doors by locking the door rods together. It resists cutting by double lever shears or breaking by hammer and crowbar. An additional cable seal is used to secure the door handle as well.

Container and truck doors where a physical barrier lock is required

A sequential number and/or logo can be engraved on the ABS plastic sleeves over the bolt and cable locking heads

Technical Specification:
Breaking strength over 3.5 tons (ISO11712 High Security and C-TPAT approved)
2 rod brackets 6mm thick and 1 steel locking bar 9mm thick
14mm locking pin and barrel
80cm long cable seal (5mm diameter)

6 sets in a box
50x20x11 cm - 13 kg